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Trustworthy gearbox manufacturer Marine & Winch Gearbox

Winch gearbox used in a marine application. The winch is light and small lifting equipment that uses a drum to wind a steel wire rope or chain to lift or pull heavy objects. The winch is widely used because of its simple operation. a large amount of rope winch and convenient displacement.

Suitable for harsh environments China Winch Gearbox Manufacturer

KONIC produced gearbox are the application for Tugboats, ice breakers, dredgers, and firefighting vessels as marine gearbox .and winch can split main engine power to perform critical operations while maintaining accurate positioning and slow-speed maneuverability. KONIC gearbox is suitable for harsh environments such as low cold and high temperature.

Winch Gearbox Application

The winch is widely used in Ship cranes, mobile harbor cranes, heavy-duty cranes, shipyard cranes, and handling equipment. Such as:

Rope Winches

Free fall winch

Rescue boat winches

Pull winches

rope winch gearbox

Specification of Winch Gearbox

The winch gearboxes are built in a modular fashion. They are available with a broader range of delivery options, such as a motor, coupling, and brake, and can be easily integrated into the rope winch.

  • 16 total sizes
  • A power range of 1,000 Nm to 2,500,000 Nm is available (as a standard)
  • Gear ratios ranging from 21 to 1,200 (as a standard)
  • Suitable for extremely fast speeds
  • All major classification societies’ type approvals
  • Industry-specific solutions

Coupling Winch Gearbox

Konic produced customized winch gearbox has been highly praised by our customers.Winch gearbox and rope winches by KONIC are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes. we manufacture hydraulic winch gearbox, coupling winch, tugger Winch. and these products have been tried and tested in a wide range of applications under the harshest environmental conditions.

winch gearbox-sample

Our Advantanges

KONIC gearbox believes that the health and safety of our employees, visitors, and the public is of the highest value. We are committed to providing the best advice and assistance to the functional and operational groups within KONIC as we strive to achieve KONIC’s business goals.

Service Concept:

The whole process and all-around service to customers is the initiative of Konic gear to provide complete solutions. While delivering high-quality products and technology, we also provide customers with all-around service solutions in the transmission industry.

Management philosophy:

Konic continues to adhere to the enterprise philosophy of “integrity, mutual benefit, and win-win results and quality first”, and continues to maintain intelligent manufacturing iteration and technology upgrading, so as to realize the sustainable development of enterprises with high quality, high efficiency.

Professional Team

Konic is a group of gearbox experts who specialized in CNC machining, gearbox repairs, and industrial gearbox spares.

Project on time

Konic has 20 years of production experience, which allows us to ensure that our customers receive the customized products on time.

Advanced Equipment

Konic introduces world-class high-precision equipment through a steady stream of technological innovation.t

1-1 Technical Support

Konic provides personalized expert technical support as well as responsive and proactive support service solutions.

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