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GSL 500-2000 Series Gearbox For Concrete Mixer Planetary gearbox For Construction

Konic produces KN Series gearbox for construction. which are popular around the world. and suitable for various vertical concrete mixers. planetary gearbox for concrete mixer quality must be durable.KONIC planetary gearbox Applicable to all kinds of concrete mixer.high- precision&easy assembly on the mixer pan,high output torque. Low noise & efficient hardened ground gearing, Heavy-duty bearings & triple oil seals,durable & robust construction & No temperature control.


Planetary Gearbox For Concrete Mixer KONIC is an Expert Gearbox For Construction

Konic gearbox is familiar with the needs of the cement industry . and the goals that our customers must meet in order to be profitable. We invest continuously in gear design and manufacturing techniques to ensure that we deliver gear systems that meet the highest accuracy and reliability standard

Our Advantanges

We believe that the health and safety of our employees, visitors, and the public is of the highest value. We are committed to providing the best advice and assistance to the functional and operational groups within KONIC as we strive to achieve our business goals.

concrete mixer application

Konic products widely used in Concrete  ready  mix,  blocks,  bricks,  roof tiles, pipes, asphalt mixing, glass, ceramics etc. and Konic has serviced hundreds of customersin the world. And we have good reputation in European market for decades. As a Cooperation partners of famous concrete mixer,such as Shantui Construction Machinery Group. our gearboxes get our customer approval . 

Planetary Gearbox For Concrete Mixer Full Range of Models Gearbox For Construction

As a leading concrete mixer gearbox manufacturer & supplier in the world .and Our Partner as QGM. Konic  gearbox utilizes only the best materials present today on creating wholes series gearbox capacity range from 50m³to 5,000m³. that strictly complies to the vertical planetary mixing industry and global market standards.

Best selling in concrete industry KN Series Gearbox for Concrete Mixer

Why Choose Konic Gearbox For Construction

Featured About Konic Planetary Concrete Gearbox

Traditional gears use the special heal treatment process independently developed to refine the internal Struc­ture of the gears and enhance the strength of the gears. The gears are ground with high-precision gear grinding machines to improve gear accuracy, achieve smooth transmission and reduce gearbox meshing noise. Enhance the shock load resistance of the gearbox and extend the seivice life of the gearbox.

KONIC Provide Customized Service for Planetary Gearbox

We understand that looking for an epicyclic gear system can be difficult. because planetary gears are dependent on a variety of factors. Counting the number of gear teeth, establishing proper gear turn ratios. and determining tooth spacing are all part of the design process. As a result, consumers are frequently need to pay for programs.We can save consumers time and energy by providing free line drawings. To ensure that the geometry is appropriately aligned, we base our line drawings on specific project demands. As a result, our customers have come to trust us with their research and development. Every planetary gearbox design is rigorously evaluated. against a plethora of technical parameters and requirements.

Easy assembly, low noise, high power Focus on Gearbox for Concrustion for 15 Years

KONIC offers precision gearbox after-sales maintenance service. professional one-on-one consultation service on working days. and 5-year return visits after-sales service to customers. Meanwhile, we specialize in gearbox maintenance. Gearbox refurbishment, and rebuilding. and we have extensive expertise in manufacturing unique gearboxes. so we could offer customers a professional and focused one-stop service. We specialize in the repair and maintenance of all types of concrete mixer reducers. we provide services to Huarui Heavy Industries and other well-known companies.

Professional Team

Konic is a group of gearbox experts . who specialized in CNC machining, gearbox repairs, and industrial gearbox spares.

Project on time

Konic has 20 years of production experience. which allows us to ensure that our customers receive customized products on time.

Advanced Equipment

Through a continual stream of technological innovation, Konic introduces world-class high-precision equipment.

1-1 Technical Support

Konic offers personalized expert technical assistance as well as proactive. and responsive support service solutions.

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