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With our flexible PCB manufacturing processes. we take immense pride in offering top-notch flex PCB procurement material services. to our esteemed customers. With years of experience and a focus on excellence. we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable supplier in the industry. In this comprehensive description of our FPC procurement material services. we will elaborate on the various aspects of our offerings. to help our customers understand the value we bring to their projects.

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Professional One-stop Flexible PCB & FPC Services The Most Popular Flex PCB Materials

SYTECH Flex PCB Materials

SYTECH produces the Flexible Circuits & Flex Printed Circuits (FPC) material that we used the most. This polyimide film-based material has a low dielectric constant of 3.6, is heat resistant, and possesses dimensional stability. The following are foundational items:

  • SF202
  • S1000-2M
  • SF305C
  • CN-TDS-2101-03-SF202

Roger Flex PCB Materials

  • Rogers-Liquid-PhotoImageable-Coverlay
  • Rogers-RFlex1000
  • Rogers-RFlex2005UL

EMC Shield Material

  • SF_PC1000
  • SF_PC5000
  • SF_PC5500

EMC Shielding Characteristics

  • KEC method [0.2~1000 MHz]
  • TSE method [100~2000 MHz]

Precision Management For Flex PCB Procurement Material

Controlling the quality of Flex PCB procurement materials is essential. to ensure the reliability and performance of the final flexible circuits. Here some key steps to control the quality of Flex PCB procurement materials:

1. Vendor Selection and Qualification:

Choose reputable and experienced material suppliers. Conduct thorough assessments to verify their quality management systems, certifications, and track records. Regularly evaluate supplier performance to maintain consistency in material quality.

2. Material Testing and Certification:

Require material suppliers to provide comprehensive test reports and certifications for their products. Ensure that the materials meet industry standards. and specific requirements for your Flex PCB applications.

3.Inward Material Inspection:

Conduct rigorous inspections of incoming materials. Inspect visual appearance, dimensions, thickness and other critical parameters. to identify any non-conforming items before they used in production.

4. Establish Material Specifications:

Define clear and detailed material specifications based on your project’s requirements. This includes characteristics such as thermal performance, electrical properties, mechanical strength, and more.

5. Regular Material Sampling:

Periodically sample and test materials from different batches to verify consistency and reliability. This process helps identify any variations. and ensures that the supplied materials meet the required standards consistently.

6. Material Storage and Handling:

Store and handle materials properly to avoid contamination or damage. Maintain appropriate storage conditions, such as temperature and humidity, to preserve material properties.

7. Supplier Audits:

Conduct regular audits of material suppliers. to assess their manufacturing processes and quality control procedures. Address any issues or non-compliance promptly.

8. Training and Skill Development:

Train your procurement and quality control teams to be knowledgeable about different materials. their specifications, and quality testing procedures. Ensure that they equipped to make informed decisions during material selection and inspection.

9. Collaborate with Customers:

Work closely with your customers to understand their specific needs and quality requirements. Involve them in the material selection process whenever possible. ensuring that their expectations met.

10. Continuous Improvement:

Continuously review and improve your material quality control processes. based on feedback, data analysis, and industry best practices. Strive for continuous improvement to enhance material performance and customer satisfaction.

11. Traceability and Documentation:

Maintain detailed records of all material-related information. including supplier details, test reports, inspection results, and material usage. This traceability ensures transparency and aids in resolving any potential issues that may arise.

12.Compliance with Regulations:

Adhere to relevant industry standards, regulations, and environmental guidelines. Ensure that the procurement and use of materials comply with these requirements.

By following these steps and maintaining a robust quality management system. you can effectively control the quality of Flex PCB procurement materials. leading to superior and reliable flexible circuit products.

Flexible Circuit , Rigid-flex PCB, FPC Flexible PCB Assembly For One-Stop Request a Quote for Flexible PCB Fabrication

One-stop Flex PCB Procurement Material

Circuit Board Paper

Circuit Board Paper

  • 3M467_ 3M468_
  • 3M9567_ 3M9568
  • 3M9079_ 3M9077
  • Tesa 8853
  • Tesa 8854
PCB Electronic Elements

PCB Electronic Elements

  • IF-2LD2512CO1 
  • IF-2LD2535CJ1
  • IF-2LS2518TO1 
  • IF-FD131218NFJ1 
  • IF-FD131218NFL1 
PCB Cover Film

Printed B Cover Film

  • AHICX(Yelllow)
  • SF315C 0305BT250A L
  • SF305C 0515NT250A T
  • SF305C 0525NT250A H
  • SF305C 1025NT250A R
PCB Electromagnetic Film

FPC Electromagnetic Film

  • sf_pc1000
  • sf_pc5000

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