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Custom flexible PCBs specialized circuit boards designed to be flexible and bendable. allowing them to fit into unique and non-conventional shapes. They are ideal for applications where space limited. or where the PCB needs to conform to a specific form factor or curvature. They are commonly used in electronic devices where traditional rigid boards are impractical due to space constraints or where flexibility is required for movement or bending.


Compact Design

Custom flexible PCBs designed to fit into tight spaces and irregular shapes. making them ideal for applications where space limited. Their ability to conform to the shape of the device. or product allows for more efficient use of available space.

High Reliability

Custom flexible PCBs have fewer interconnects and solder joints compared to rigid PCBs. reducing the risk of mechanical failure due to vibrations or shocks. Their flexibility also makes them more resistant to mechanical stress.

Enhanced Flexibility

As the name suggests, custom flexible PCBs can bend, fold. and twist without damaging the circuit. This flexibility allows them to integrated into products with dynamic or curved surfaces. such as wearables and medical devices.


In some cases, a flexible PCB can eliminate the need for additional connectors and cables. simplifying the overall design and reducing assembly costs. This is especially beneficial for complex electronic devices where minimizing interconnects is crucial.

Design Freedom

Custom flexible PCBs offer more design flexibility than rigid boards. allowing engineers to create innovative and unique product designs. They molded and integrated into various form factors. enabling creative and ergonomic product designs.

Ease Prototyping

Rapid prototyping of custom flexible PCBs is becoming more accessible. allowing designers to test and iterate their designs quickly. Additionally, advancements in manufacturing techniques have made custom flexible PCBs. More viable and cost-effective for large-scale production.


Single-Sided Flexible PCBs

custom signel flexible pcb

Suitable for applications with minimal circuit complexity and space constraints.

Double-Sided Flexible PCBs

SS flexible PCB

Allowing for more complex designs and require more connections and compact layouts.

Multi-Layer Flexible PCBs

custom multi-side flex PCB

Ideal for applications with dense circuitry. high-speed signal requirements.


Rigid-Flex PCBs

Cell phone module (impedance) flexible board

Both rigid and flexible circuitry required to meet mechanical and space constraints.

HF Flexible PCBs

flexible pcb board prototype

Space & weight  critical considerations. such as in wearable devices or medical implants.

Circular Flexible PCBs


Circular flexible PCBs designed in a circular shape as in camera lenses or sensors.

Flexible Heater PCBs

HF Flexible PCBs

These custom flexible PCBs designed with special heating elements.

Foldable Flexible PCBs

Rigid-Flex LED PCB

Used in applications like foldable smartphones, flexible displays.

Wearable Flexible PCBs


These flexible PCBs specifically designed for wearable electronic devices.

Waterproof Flexible PCBs


Custom flexible PCBs designed with waterproof coatings.

Stretchable Flexible PCBs

long strip flex pcb

Stretchable PCBs designed to stretch & deform without damaging the circuit.


A custom rigid-flex PCB is a specialized type of printed circuit board. that combines both rigid and flexible sections in a single board. It offers the benefits of both rigid PCBs, such as mechanical strength and stability. and flexible PCBs, such as the ability to bend and conform to specific shapes. Custom rigid-flex PCBs commonly used in applications where space limited. and the circuitry requires both rigid and flexible elements to meet design requirements.

polyimide flex pcb

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As a company offering custom flexible PCB services. you can provide a range of specialized solutions to meet your customers’ unique requirements. Here are some key offerings you can provide:

→ Design and Prototyping:

Offer comprehensive PCB design services, taking into account the specific application. space constraints, and electrical requirements. Provide prototype fabrication for testing and validation before mass production.

→ Material Selection:

Guide customers in choosing the appropriate flexible PCB materials. (e.g., polyimide, polyester) based on their specific needs. such as temperature resistance, flexibility, and cost.

→ Multi-layer Flex PCBs:

Provide expertise in manufacturing multi-layer flexible PCBs. allowing for more complex and dense circuit designs.

→ Custom Form Factors:

Design and manufacture custom-shaped flexible PCBs that fit into unconventional or irregular spaces. catering to the unique requirements of the application.

→ Component Assembly:

Offer surface-mount (SMT) and through-hole component assembly services on flexible PCBs. ensuring precise placement and soldering techniques to maintain mechanical integrity.

→ Testing and Quality Assurance:

Conduct electrical and mechanical testing to ensure the reliability and performance. including bending and flexing tests.

→ Low-Volume and High-Volume Production:

Cater to customers with both low-volume prototyping needs and large-scale production requirements.

→ Application-Specific Solutions:

Tailor flexible PCBs for various industries and applications. such as medical devices, wearables, automotive electronics, aerospace, and consumer electronics.

→ Technical Support and Consultation:

Provide customers with technical expertise and consultation throughout the design, prototyping. and production stages, ensuring optimal solutions for their projects.

→ Reverse Engineering:

We offer reverse engineering services for customers. who need to replicate or modify existing flexible PCBs.

→ Quick Turnaround Times:

Provide expedited services for customers with urgent project timelines. facilitating faster prototyping and production.

→ Value-Added Services:

Offer additional value-added services, such as design for manufacturability (DFM) checks. component sourcing, and assembly, to streamline the entire process for customers.

→ Adherence to Industry Standards:

Ensure compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations. such as IPC-A-600, IPC-6013, and RoHS, to meet quality and safety requirements.


 GESP as a reliable  flexible PCB board manufacturer and GESP has established a flexible board factory in 2006. At the same time, covering an area of more than 10,000 square metres. with factories in Shenzhen and Jiangxi, and a total of 200+ employees.

We specialized in single-layer flex PCB, 2 layer flex PCB, and multi layer flexible PCB production. To make services more convenient for our customers. GESP flexible PCB board has dedicated itself over the years to the production of FPC. and rigid flex pcb, SMT, dispensing, assembly, and other one-stop PCB services.GESP has imported fully automatic precision FPC production and testing equipment. 

flexible PCB manufacturer flex PCB prototyping

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