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Flex PCB services refer to the manufacturing. And assembly processes involved in creating flexible circuit boards. These boards designed to be flexible and bendable. allowin to used in applications where traditional rigid PCBs are not suitable. In recent years, flexible PCB has become important in precision equipmen. so GESPFLEX CIRCUITS has dedicated actually to serving as a leading manufacturer of flexible circuits. and flexible printed circuit boards Boards in Asia. and we perform our best to serve customers worldwide.


Custom Flexible PCB

Ensures superior flexibility and durability, perfect for complex electronic designs and space-constrained applications.

Flexible PCB Fabrication

Delivers high-quality, customizable flexible circuits, perfect for innovative and compact electronic designs.

Flex PCB Stackup

Optimizes layer arrangement for enhanced performance and reliability in flexible circuit designs.

OEM Flexible PCB Services

Offers tailored design and manufacturing solutions, ensuring high-quality and cost-effective.

Flex PCB Desgin

Creates innovative and efficient layouts, perfect for space-saving and complex electronic applications.

Flex PCB Assembly

Provides precise and efficient assembly services, ideal for complex and compact electronic designs.

Flex PCB Procurement Material

Sources top-grade materials, ensuring durability and reliability for your flexible circuit projects.

Flexible PCB Repair

Provides efficient and precise restoration services, ensuring optimal performance for your flexible electronic devices.

Foucs on One-stop PCB Services Nearly 20 Years in China ! GESFLEX CIRCUIT FLEX PCB SERVICES FEATURES

Advanced Process Equipment

Reliable Flexible PCB Board Materials

  • Japan imported laser drilling machine;
  • 200,000 rpm high-speed spindle;
  • Automatic FPC black hole line;
  • ultrasonic and two micro-etching treatment ;
  • DVCP process capability CPK ≥ 1.33;
  • add automatic patching / adhesive paper equipment
  • Base material: Taihong, Sheng Yi,
  •  Covering film: Taikoo, APLUS, RCCT, Sangik
  • PI reinforcement: UBE, Taihong, SKC, Arisawa
  • Electromagnetic film: Sanhui, Fangbang, Toyo

Quality control & Qualified Rate

On Time & Delivery Capacity

  • Strictly in accordance with the IPC standard control.
  • Implement quality PDCA cycle process .
  • Import ion chromatography tester & temperature cycle 
  • Inspection equipment to ensure the high reliability and stability of products
  • Annual production capacity of 600000㎡.
  • Provide one-stop service with supporting SMT line.
  • Fast and flexible delivery time for you to win the market first;
  • 3-4 days delivery for single panel and double panel samples;
  • 5 days delivery for batch.

Professional One-stop Flexible PCB & FPC Services FEATURED OF FLEX PCB SERVICES


Flex PCB Design

Flexible PCB services can assist in the design and engineering of flexible circuit boards. GESFLEX Circuit provide expertise in designing circuits. that can bend and flex without compromising functionality.

flexible pcb board prototype

Flex PCBs feature bendable and flexible. providing for greater freedom in the design and functioning of the application. Flexible circuits may also adapt to small or oddly shaped rooms. while typical rigid circuits cannot.

flex pcb fabrication

Once the design & prototyping stages are complete. flexible PCB services can handle the manufacturing process. This involves producing the FPC . including the selection of appropriate materials and fabrication techniques.

flex pcb assembly flexible pcb board manufactuer

Flex PCB services can also handle the assembly of components onto the flexible circuit boards. This includes soldering, attaching connectors, and other necessary processes. 

flex pcb fabrication

Flex PCB services typically have quality control measures in place. This includes inspections, testing, and verification processes. to identify and resolve any potential issues.

customized flex pcb board


Flex PCB services offer customization options to meet specific requirements. Such as unique shapes, sizes, and features to fit the intended application.


IF you are looking for high quality flexible pcb board. and flexible pcb board for your projects. GESFLEX CIRCUITS is a good choice as a competitive China flexible pcb board. We have been making flex PCBs for large volume production as well as prototypes since the 2014s. We use unique, custom-built tools that give us the edge over our competitors. Beacuse rich experience, advanced equipment, stable PCB fabricaition. strict quality control all represent our strength . you can upload your Gerber files to our cloud, for an instant quote.

flex pcb fabrication